Psychotherapy Services   


Kelly Mulligan

 I have over 25 years working in the field of education, social services and mental health. I have a Master’s in Teaching from Seattle University and a Master’s in Applied Child and Adolescent Psychology: Prevention and Treatment from the University of Washington. 


Whether you are experiencing anxiety, or depression, or struggling with a life transition, therapy can help create more balance and connection. Seeking therapy is a courageous first step towards creating change in one’s life and can help optimize the joyful moments and minimize the challenges.



The scope of my practice is working with individuals ages 13+ to adults. I also provide relationship support for couples, parents and families. 


In my practice, I integrate Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) in the work with both adolescents and adults.  Self compassion is effective in supporting a sense of well being and potentially increase vulnerabilities against stress, isolation and negative self judgment.  Developing this practice, adolescents and adults may experience more positive feelings towards themselves and in turn, may protect themselves from developing a sense of self as flawed or rejectable.